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Uniform pants can be purchased from ANY vendor and can be any brand, as long as they meet these standards:

* Has "School uniform" on the label, navy blue, straight leg, with belt loops
* For cadets enrolled in the Civil Air Patrol program, they may wear the AF blues pant with the CMA polo shirt uniform.
* The following are strictly prohibited: pants with logos, cargo pockets, denim, capris, skinny pants.
* Girls have the option of wearing either boys or girls pants meeting the above standards.

​We will also have boys and girls pants available to try-on for size and ordering in our uniform supply store soon. 

Uniform skirts are optional and must be purchased from the CMA supply store because there are so many options even among the category of "school uniform".  Girls may wear shorts under their skirts, as long as the shorts are not visible while the girl is standing. Also, smooth textured, non-pattern, solid color, navy blue or black tights and knee-socks are permitted. Leggings are not permitted. For Civil Air Patrol cadets, the AF blue skirt may be worn with the CMA polo.

Shorts (rather than uniform pants or uniform skirts) are not allowed.  CMA is mirroring military dress code standards, of which shorts are not a part.

CMA polos and PT shorts and T-shirts must be purchased from the CMA supply store as they carry the CMA logo. Details are coming soon for purchasing uniform items from the CMA supply store.  PT shorts and T-shirts are required for grades 6 - 8 only.  

Elementary school cadets do not need to change for PT but do need safe athletic shoes.  Athletic shoes can be any style and color, with the emphasis on being able to perform all PT activities safely.  Cadets may also wear the same shoes during the day as they do for PT  - in this case, shoes must be all black, black soles, black laces (if the shoe has laces) and safe for physical activity. 

The CMA uniform is a light blue polo shirt with CMA embroidered in gold and navy pants/skirt.  Girls are welcome to wear either pants or skirt.    

Grades 6 and above (only) have a PT uniform that is a gold t-shirt with navy CMA logo and blue shorts with gold CMA logo.

​Uniforms are required for all students.  The items that must be purchased through the school are:

Polo shirt:  $11
PT (physical training) shorts - grades 6-8 only:  $9
PT (physical training) shirt - grades 6-8 only:  $6

Dickies Pants with reinforced knees and adjustable waists are also available:  $17

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