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Here is some information about drop off and pick up for cadets as well as starting time for the different groups.

Before School Schedule:
06:00 - BASE -  Must be enrolled or you will not be able to enter the building until 0745.  If cadets (grades 6-9 and younger siblings) are eating breakfast, they may arrive at 0730.  BASE drop-off before 0730 and pick-up after 1545 will be done using the West door, and parents should park on the West side of the building.

0730 - 0750 - Middle / High School Breakfast (elementary if with older sibling)

Kitchen stops breakfast service for MS/HS cadets @ 0745, so they can eat until 0750.

0745 - 0755 - Grades 6-9 and younger siblings school drop off

0755 - All MS/HS cadets must be in formation on 2nd floor

0800 - All Middle/High School cadets must be out of Commons/Cafeteria (moving to formation)

-       Elementary drop off begins - cadets go to Commons

-       Elementary breakfast begins

0815 - Elementary breakfast service ends (they can eat until 0825)

0825 - Elementary line up in Commons

0830 - Elementary reports to class

AM Drop off - Please see times above for different cadet groups (please see map for traffic flow)


All drop-offs need to be done around back of the building through the two lanes.  Please do not drop your child other places which will cause additional safety concerns and driving hazards.

PM Pick up

Parents park and go to gathering point to pick up cadets (please see pg.2 of attached map for where your child’s class will be standing).  Older cadets go to younger siblings’ gathering point.

If cadets are not picked up by 1545, they will be taken to BASE, the after school program, and parents will be charged a fee.

Please remember the speed limit is 7 mph while on campus.  Please use crosswalks for safety and obey all staff requests while on campus.  This will minimize dangerous situations and keep everyone safe!

Inclement Weather

If there is lightning dismissal, CMA will hold cadets in their classrooms for safety.  Parents can wait in their cars for the lightning to subside, or they can show an ID at the front desk, and walk to their cadet's classroom to claim their child.  CMA will email families when implementing this plan, but please be aware it will be a last minute decision based on weather.

Independent Walkers from PAFB

Per PAFB policy, cadets must have an ID card, or be escorted by an adult with an ID card.  We recommend you find a secure way to attach your student’s DOD ID card to their backpack.  Until all relevant cadets have an ID card, a CMA staff member with an ID card will escort cadets through the North Gate.  (This does not apply to cadets participating in Youth Center/School Age Program supervised walk.)