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Colorado Military Academy offers a new model of education that blends classroom and real-world experiences through the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Program. The CMA leadership team selected the CAP program as the military model for Colorado Military Academy because of its 70-year record of excellent service to the United States in Cadet Programs, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education. Based on this record of excellence, CMA strongly urges all cadets (6th grade and older) and adults working with cadets to become CAP members. Membership in this volunteer organization opens tremendous opportunities including a full range of hands-on leadership and educational opportunities, including advancing in rank. Cadets can sign up at any time.

For cadets K-6th grade, military Customs and Courtesies will be taught and personal character will be held to high standards. STEM education will be the primary focus, so when these young cadets reach middle and high school grades they will be ready for increased academic challenges, and ready to take on additional CAP duties and responsibilities.

Your Commandant is prepared to provide the military environment crucial to ensuring this type of educational environment is available for all.

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Check out the Colorado Civil Air Patrol training at Meadow Lake Airport in Peyton earlier this year.  The following is a news piece that includes one of the local CAP cadets.

Cadets are learning to use direction-finding equipment to locate downed aircraft, and they’re getting radio operator training.  Federal, state, and local authorities rely on them to provide search and rescue assistance and disaster relief in times of need.