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Robert Applegate:  Secretary & Treasurer

David Couch:  Member

Robert Applegate

Secretary & Treasurer

Joyce Schuck:  Chair

Ruben Cubero:  Member

Joyce Schuck is an author living in Colorado Springs and is currently serving on the boards of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, Parents Challenge, Youth Transformation Center and Colorado Military Academy. Ms. Schuck also served on the board of the Colorado Charter School Institute.

A graduate of Loretto Heights College with a major in Human Services and Counseling, Ms. Schuck and her husband Steve Schuck founded Parents Challenge in 2000 when they saw the need in the most ailing school districts in Colorado Springs. Parents Challenge provides a  Parent Empowerment Program and scholarships to families who qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. The scholarships help low-income families in the areas of home school curricula and materials, public school tutoring, transportation to another public school, and private school tuition. 

Ms. Schuck co-founded Community Transitions in Colorado Springs, served as the Vice President of the Community Council of Pikes Peak Region, helped coordinate the El Paso County Shape Up Program, designed programs for Pikes Peak Community College, 4th Judicial District DA’s Office, and was Vice President of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. Ms. Schuck is a recipient of the Colorado Springs Mayor’s award for Civic Leadership.  

David Couch served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as a special operations aviator, aircraft maintainer, and recruiter.  He has also served for 20 years as a Civil Air Patrol officer and pilot.  Over the last 38 years Mr. Couch has studied, built, restored, maintained, and flown aircraft of every category.  He has over 3,600 hours of flight experience in both rotary and fixed wing military and civilian aircraft.  His knowledge of the aviation field is vast, and his experience encompasses many aspects of the industry such as, operations, dispatch, management, mission planning, and maintenance.

Additionally, Mr. Couch's involvement in politics over recent years has included leading campaigns, working closely with elected officials to develop reasonable public policy, and serving on citizen volunteer boards with city and county leaders.  These opportunities led him to become a founding member of an education coalition to promote classical education curricula, STEM, and to develop programs to build strong leaders of character.

David L. Couch



Patricia Hayes


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Ruben Cubero


Patricia Hayes started her career as a nurse having studied and received her R.N. from Misericordia Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.  Ms. Hayes assumed nursing positions with progressively increasing responsibilities ranging from nurse to supervisor of the operating room, surgical, and intensive care units in hospitals in New Jersey, Maryland and Missouri.

Following that, Ms. Hayes entered the Sales field and also became very involved in the community.  The depth and breadth of her community service is extensive and she is currently the Board of Directors Chair for School Leaders for America, Board of Directors Chair for Colorado Providence Academy Charter School, Chairman of Ridge View Academy Board of Education and a Member of the Advisory Board of CU College of Nursing.

Ms. Hayes also served on the Colorado State Board of Education and the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) for fourteen years.  She has been recognized as the recipient of several distinguished awards for her citizenship and contributions to the community.

Joyce Schuck


Patricia Hayes:  Vice-Chair

Robert Applegate is a research scientist and analyst who currently serves on multiple Boards of Directors. Professionally, Mr. Applegate oversees and instructs individuals in scientific and/or business environments utilizing skills developed through a career performing research and design in academic, governmental, and commercial settings.  

In addition to Colorado Military Academy's board, Dr. Applegate is a key contributor to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Think360 Arts for Education, Plains Conservation Center and various start up company Scientific Advisory Boards.  Dr Applegate has also served on the Board of Golden Schools Foundation and the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association, as well as on the Advisory Board for the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. 

Dr. Applegate has a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines and from the same school, a Ph.D. in Applied Physics.

Ruben Cubero had a distinguished military career spanning 37 years as an Air Force Officer, which culminated in his selection to Brigadier General and Dean of the Faculty at the United States Air Force Academy.  His last seven years in the military were spent formulating Academy core values and a “professional officer ethos,” mentoring cadets and subordinates, and developing an Academy-wide Character Development Program.  Mr. Cubero is a Command Pilot with 6700 flying hours and 243 combat missions in Vietnam.  

After retiring from the Air Force in 1998, Mr. Cubero has executed key roles including the Athletic Director at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, UCCS and the President of the Falcon Foundation, a non-federal entity and 501-(c) 3 organization created to support the United States Air Force Academy’s Admissions process.  In 2012 Mr. Cubero became the President/CEO of Parents Challenge Foundation another 501-(c) 3 that provides low income families with scholarship and grant funding to have their children attend a better performing K-12 school in the Colorado Springs area and has remained on their Board of Directors since retiring.  

Mr. Cubero has a B.S. from the USAF Academy, an M.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico and a Ph.D. in Higher Education/Admin from the University of Denver. 

Although officially retired, Mr. Cubero is deeply immersed in finding ways to assist homeless veterans in El Paso County obtain medical care, job training and permanently leaving behind homelessness.